The Memory of Dr. Griffith

Although I did not have the pleasure of working closely with Dr. Griffith, from the brief time I spent with him it is clear why he was such an important part of the department. Over the past three years that I have been in the department, Dr. Griffith constantly exuded a positive, caring energy. He always had a genuine smile, which couldn’t help but make you smile back.

Dr. Griffith truly cared about the graduate community and the History Department. When I turned to him for help, he always listened fairly and tried to assist me as best he could.

I visited American University when I was trying to decide which graduate school to attend. Dr. Griffith took the time correspond with me over a series of weeks before and after my visit . When I met him in person he was warm and welcoming. In the end, he was a large part of the why I chose American University. With someone like Dr. Griffith leading the History Department, it was easy to see that there was a close-knit caring community, which I knew I wanted to be a part of.

I will miss Dr. Griffith’s warm, guiding presence in the department. But creating an amazing community is an important part of his legacy, which I will remain thankful for that everyday.

Loren Miller
AU History


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