“Major Problems” Author

I am the editor of the Major Problems series at Wadsworth/Cengage.  Bob was the editor, with Paula Baker, of one our most successful volumes in that series, Major Problems in American History Since 1945, currently in its third edition.

While I didn’t work with him on this edition, we had been engaged in discussions about the fourth edition.  When I first suggested a new edition, Bob let me know that we would need to discuss the schedule but that he had already been thinking about new essays and documents as well as some ideas for a website.  Well,  I always expect authors to tell me that they can’t possibly meet my schedule and plead for more time, but very few are so invested in their work as editors of Major Problems volumes that they are thinking about the next edition without prodding from me.  And although the idea of a website likely strikes anyone reading this as de rigueur these days, in fact, for a multitude of mundane reasons,  no Major Problems volumes  havehad websites and it was typical of Bob to suggest that perhaps it was about time we thought of it.

So I will miss very much Bob’s enthusiasm, dedication, and skill as an editor.  And I’m very disappointed that I won’t get to work with him on the fourth edition.

Jeffrey Greene


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