Support and Guidance

I cannot put into words the loss of Professor Griffith. It seems like yesterday I was walking into my first class at American University. Standing at the front of the class was Dr. Griffith with an enthusiastic smile and warm greeting for all who entered.  I was overwhelmed and a bit intimidated by the situation, but Bob was supportive.  Throughout the semester I got to know Dr. Griffith and asked him to be my advisor when I declared as a history major.  He did not hesitate and for the past three years was helpful.  Whether it was an academic situation, or a personal matter, Professor Griffith was a person I felt comfortable speaking with.  He always made time for me, even if he was almost out the door to go home.

I was fortunate to have Dr. Griffith as my professor for the history seminar this year.  His guidance in choosing a viable research topic was essential.  Although he is no longer with us Bob’s impact in my life was invaluable.  It is still difficult to imagine him not walking into our class or being in office.  Most of all, I will miss walking into the history department to say hello to Bob.  I wish he could be here to see me present my capstone at history day.  Without Dr. Griffith’s guidance and advice over the last three years I would not be the student or man I am today.  I only wish I could have said goodbye.

Zachary Lancet
AU History


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