To Professor Griffith

I first met Professor Griffith in August of 2009 when I started my senior thesis. I couldn’t have asked for a better advisor than Professor Griffith. He was always so encouraging, pushing us to make our projects better and bringing out talent in us that even we didn’t know we had. He pushed me to write a longer, more substantive thesis than I had ever envisioned and I can say that all the credit was due to Professor Griffith’s hard work and encouragement in making my thesis the best that it could be.

In addition to being an excellent teacher, he was an excellent person. He always had a great sense of humor that eased us all through some of our more troubling times and was always available to talk about any problems we had. He was passionate about history, as he spoke fondly of coming back to the teaching field after many years in university administration.  It was clear that teaching was what he loved, and his positive energy shined through in the classroom. He freely told us of his family and would always have a twinkle in his eyes when he spoke of them. His spirit was light and free, and he will be missed.

May Providence shine light on his soul and grant him eternal happiness.

Adam Barnhart


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