An opportunity

I come from a working class family. Through hard work, luck, and the help of people like Bob, I am the first in my family to receive a college degree, not to mention the first in graduate study. Immediately before deploying with my unit, I was informed of a program to allow active duty officers to attend graduate school, followed by a teaching tour at the Naval Academy. At that time I had only four days to complete the necessary paperwork, then was deployed and unable to follow up on anything. Discouraged, I decided to call American and see if there was any point in even submitting an application. Luckily I was put in touch with Bob, who assured me that he would do everything he could, including allowing my wife to act as my proxy during the time I was unavailable. Through Bob’s efforts, combined with a few others on the staff at American, I am now attending graduate studies at the school. Bob’s dedication to justice, and willingness to give that extra something f orstrangers affected people, not in an abstract way, but in a direct life-improving way. I didn’t know him well, but I owe this opportunity to a man who decided to help a stranger.

Keith Skillin
AU History


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