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Bob by Richard Breitman

For Bob by Allan Lichtman

A Brief Meeting by Peter Barker

The Memory of Dr. Griffith by Loren Miller

Rosenszweig Prize for Service by the Organization of American Historians

A Life Enriched by Celia Shapiro

Bob Griffith, An Appreciation by John Drysdale

From Eileen Findlay

“Major Problems” Author by Jeffrey Greene

My “Bob Story” by Mary Mendoza

Bob and Public History at UMass by David Glassberg

From Amy Oliver

To Bob by Peter Starr

Bob by Erin Molloy

Support and Guidance by Zachary Lancet

To Professor Griffith by Adam Barnhart

Professor Griffith by Chris Van Vlack

An Appreciation from Maryland by Claire G. Moses

Remembrance by Valerie French

In Memory of Bob Griffith by Bob Beisner

Working under Bob by John Duffy

Bob and the University of Maryland by James F. Harris

Thinking of Bob by Alan Kraut

Obituary from the Organization of American Historians by Alan Kraut

Bob and National Scholarship Applicants by Paula Warrick

Remembering Bob by Pam Nadell

Great boss by N. Toussaint

A Mentor and a Friend by Joanna Delaune

Condolences by Linda Lucia Lubrano

From Brooke Sabin

An opportunity by Keith Skillin

As I remember him best by Christopher Partridge

Thanks, Bob by Kathy Franz

Bob Griffith–An Exceptionally Caring and Interested Individual in His Students by David Onkst

Bob, the Champion of Social Justice by Jim Harris

Tribute by Douglas Klusmeyer

Eulogy for Bob by Aaron Bell

Thanks Dr. Griffith by Michael V. Palinkas


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Bob’s Personal Homepage

Bob’s AU Profile

Notes for Bob Facebook Page

History and the Liberal Arts and Sciences at American University by Robert Griffith

Bob Griffith, AU history professor, dies at 71 from Hodgkin’s lymphoma by Paige Jones